Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mazda 3 1.6 ADM Turbo Kit

The ADM Bolt-On Turbo Kit from USA.

This kit also includes:
Brand New Garrett T25 turbo with cast iron manifold and wastegate
Down pipe with gasket
Heat Shield
Stainless Braided Hoses for Turbo Water/Oil Pipes
Injector interface block with 2 additional injectors
Blow off valve
Brand New High flow front mount intercooler with all mounting hardware,
pressure tubes, rubber hose connections and clamps
Oil return line fitting
Piping to Original Air Intake
Piggyback ECU Unichip Q & Turbo module (Pre-programmed)
One Year Warranty on Parts

Note that the cast-iron manifolds are more expensive as they are used on stock turbocharged models and have less tendencies to leak or crack due to
the weight & heat of the turbo. Cracked manifolds can cause exhaust smell and danger into the cabin and reduced performance. Less comebacks to the workshop.

Large turbos such as used on Subarus suffer from 'turbo-lag', meaning that your gains in torque & power starts at a higher rpm. This means that you
will only experience the torque only when you rev-up the engine, usually from 3000rpm or higher. This will significantly impact on the low-end and
hence, fuel consumption. Using a properly sized turbo based on the engine capacity, the turbo spools up faster allowing you to develop the gains in
torque & power earlier, improving the acceleration without having to rev-up the engine. The impact on the fuel consumption will not be as significant as
on setups with large turbos. Improved Drivability will be the essence of the ADM Bolt-On Turbo Kit coupled with reasonable fuel consumption. The turbo
kit for the Mazda 3 1.6 starts to build boost at 1800 rpm about 1psi at 2000 & 4psi at 3500rpm.

You can expect a power gain of about 50-60 bhp and our kits have been dynoed locally at 154bhp for the Vios 1.5 VVTi engine and 160bhp (base 102bhp) for the Mazda 3 1.6 at safe boost levels of 7psi and 210bhp for Toyota Wish 1.8 at 8psi. Observe the torque increases as this is where you will get the surge in acceleration. There is no need to touch the engine internals.

Dyno Chart - Mazda3 1.6L


Anonymous said...

where can i get the turbo kit?

smokey said...

Singapore bro,you can cehck the Brunei Compact Tuner Forum,and check The ADS section,if i m not mistaken its complete with all the stuff.definitely a must buy turbo kit. price $4900.

i got my turbo kit from HKS its almost the same price but not complete,i have to buy everything and cost me nearly to 10k.

so this turbokit from ads is really worth it.

Anonymous said...

oh ic.. thx... heh.. because i got a mazda 3 1.6.. and driving it is getting abit boring coz of the lack of power.. haha.. so thx agn..

Mu Awwal said...

Hi, hello, If I Buy, where or who will pasang it for me?

MC said...

This turbo kit is also for sale @:

sam said...

there are some place you can install this item. or 2nd option just do a custom made in our place

Air Management Kits said...

Great! Thanks for sharing this blog!

Anonymous said...

Is this kit compatible with the 2010 Mazda 3 1.6 liter ? Thanks

Anonymous said...

where can i get this turbo ?is it still on sale?