Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Brake System

As you all know you must have an overall balance as a tuning car which is performance, handling and stopping. The stopping power is just as important for safety reason and control over your ride.

Brake pad are probably the cheapest brake mod you could do even by youself. With a sport brake pads you could feel better braking response from the paddle and less brake fade due to heat. As a bonus some brake pads have low dust so your cheels will look cleaner longer hehe

Normal brake pads cost around $30-80 for a front or rear set but sports brakepads cost strts from $80 onwards

If pads arent enough then go with this with the sports brake pads:

This stainless steel brake line will definitely improve paddle feel mor firm and especially under hard braking because unlike the original rubber brake hose this stainless steel reinforced brake line does not expand as easily as rubber so no wasted energy loss when the rubber brake hose expand.

cost around $280 onwards.

And the best and most expensive brake upgrades of all:

The brake caliper for high performance cars or the ultimate car enthusiast which will not just improve stopping power but will also improve the looks of the car.
This kit cost around$2-3K i think.

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