Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Car For Sale

2006 toyota yaris

mileage: 190,000km

Good fuel consumption

very well maintained (you'll know if you look at the interior)
Oil changed every 7K - using helix ultra + liquimoly (every 50K km)

Manual transmission

Custom headlight - rewired

Yaris Ings+1 bodykit
2007 Vitz RS tail light
2007 Vitz RS LED back fog light
2008 Japan Vitz RS hood Style
17" rim
Aluminum D1 spec lug nuts
Vitz RS foglight (888i)
D1spec groundkit (very thick) and Pivot Megaraizin (purple)
Lightened Pulley
TRD short shifter
TRD short shifter extension
C-one front bar
Ultra racing bars (8 complete bars): 4 point lower bar, front lower arm bar (25 mm), middle lower bar, fender bar, side bar (6 point), room bar, rear bar, rear sway bar (23mm),
HKS silent muffler

Price : BND$16,000

For Sale:

Subaru STI
Deposit BND$2000
change owner name and continue bank
for BND$677

If interested Please leave a message at the comment


HAF said...

berapa tahun lagi for the STi?

sam said...

haf,if i m not mistaken dalam 5 tahun lagi kali tu,will update the post once i see the seller ok


sam said...


5 more years for the STI after this December 2011.

Chuck said...

still available?

Anonymous said...

the 2006 toyota yaris still available? road tax masih ada?

Anonymous said...

Sti still available?

Anonymous said...

Sti still available??