Thursday, August 25, 2011

Siecle MAP System 314

The Siecle MAP System 314 is a piggyback fuel and airflow controller that alters the air flow trim at a turn of the knob. The value of a vehicles fuel, ignition timing in the ECU fuel MAP is determined by ignition. By changing these two numbers MAP Engine performance fuel economy can improve. A simple plug and play installation without the need to splice any wires, the Siecle MAP System 314 is the most value for money piggyback system for modern cars today. For fuel economy and performance gains with just a simple twist of the knob that streamlines and determines the air fuel ratio average across the whole RPM range and alters ignition timing to suit the air fuel ratio as well.

The Siecle MAP System 314 has a 10 settings range for varied engine performance gains and different driving conditions.

Dialing the knob clockwise dilutes the fuel and advances the ignition timing.

While it's active it has intermittent flashing of LED light. (Note: At idling it does not operate)

Improves acceleration feel and improves fuel economy. Torque and horsepower gains are also imminent.

Installation DCM connector is necessary without the need to splice any wires (sold separately). It is a cable connector for air flow meter (or pressure sensor) connected between the factory connector.

You don't need other piggyback, it can alter air fuel and ignition timing on stock ECU. If you already have a piggyback, it can be use as a sub-controller to the existing piggyback to finer adjust/tune when you want it to be slightly leaner or richer.


Anonymous said...

good day. may i know how can we know which level of the knob we should adjust to since there is no indication to indicate the best setting as per our car condition? is it every time we mod our car eg. exhaust, we need to go for dyno to adjust the knob for the best setting?
appreciate if you can help me with this cause i have 1 unit but not sure if the setting is correct. TQ

sam said...

Yes you do need to bring it for a dyno, because its pointless just by assuming that the unit its either increasing power or not. Just to be on the safe side avoiding engine knocking