Tuesday, November 2, 2010

HKS Turbo Kit for Honda Fit

Yup this month i am gonna post some mind blowing topic, yes mind blowing or racun what we use to call it,depend if i am not busy watching How i met your mother series. so here is a turbo kit for Honda Fit where in our place they call it the Jazz, the difference is The honda Fit engine Has V-tec , and the first gen Jazz hasn't got any. anyhooooo enjoy the picture.

" The HKS Honda Fit Bolt-on Turbo Kit was developed with reliability and performance in mind. Earning an Executive Order by the California Air Resources Board (E.O.# D-186-27), the simple-to-install Turbo Kit includes a front mount intercooler, which improves charge air density, while enhancing the engine performance. The pre-programmed HKS F-Con IS engine management system included in the kit maintains the proper fuel and timing strategies.

The T25 Turbo allows for a faster spool up at a lower RPM range resulting in better response and low-end acceleration. HKS’ SMF Reloaded intake system, included in the kit, allows for improved filtration and increased airflow.

With the turbo boost level pre-set to 5.7 psi and tuned with the Pre-programmed F-Con IS on 91+ octane fuel, HKS' bolt-on turbo kit, combined with the optional HKS Hi-Power exhaust and upgraded HKS spark plugs produced a performance gain of approximately 30 % gain in peak horsepower without significantly impacting the excellent MPG the Fit is known for."

Technical Specifications:

• T25 Turbo (60T 0.63 A/R)

• S-Type Intercooler (400mm x260mm x65mm)

• F-Con IS (Pre-Programmed)

• Cast Manifold

• Downpipe

• SMF Reloaded Intake

• Polished aluminum I/C piping with SSQV flange

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