Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blue DC5

Tuning does not necessarily mean going over the top with paint and body work, a car can look as cool as you want it to, in the case of this Acura the owner Joshua Roman knew what he wanted to do on the surface a cool looking machine, underneath it is anything but that.

The suspension needed changing, how the car sits makes a lot of difference to the final product, but it starts here and he installed HKS Hipermax Coilovers for a stiffer ride.

A cool set of Ray Gram Lights at 17 x 8.5 fitted with 245/40-17 BFGoodrich sports tyres, the standard track rubber no matter where you are located.

With some adjustments to the body, making sure that body does not fits in the right places, and you have to say that it does with this one, the cars lines are not rubbed out to make it streamlined they are shaped with performance in mind.

In all this car, beautiful specimen is a work of Acura art as visualised by a master craftsman.

Turbocharged 2004 Acura RSX DC5 – Carte Blanche ‘04 Acura RSX


333 whp, 280 lb-ft of torque

Engine – K20A2, Greddy turbo kit and intercooler, Evo TT catback exhaust, Profec B Spec II boost controller, turbo timer; upgraded oil lines, IPS KT1 forced induction camshafts; ES polyurethane motor mount inserts; Hondata K-Pro ECU

Drive train – Exedy Hyper single clutch

Suspension – HKS Hipermax coilovers; Beatrush front strut bar, C-pillar bar; J’s Racing rear strut bar, lower tie bar, inner fender braces; Tracy Sports quick steering support

Wheels/Tires – 17×8.5 Rays Gram Lights 57 Optimise; 245/40-17 BFGoodrich G-Force Sport tires; Kics Project 15mm spacers (front); Blue Rays Duralluminum lug nuts

Brakes – Hawk HP brake pads

Exterior – Full J’s Racing CFRP Type-S aero kit, 3D GT-Wing, +20mm front wide fenders; 2005+ DC5R HID headlights and taillights; MRacing carbon mirrors with custom GT Motoring base plates.

Interior – DC5R Recaro front seats, DC5R shift knob , shift boot; Auto Meter boost and EGT gauge; MOMO Monte Carlo 350mm steering wheel with Splash hub adaptor.

Source: Ride Your Pimp


Itchiro Nakamura said...

Totally amazing...i shud make somethin with my car...uh uh poison2....

smokey said...

sabar ada tu hari nya... kalau inda pun pasang saja yang megan kekeke

Itchiro Nakamura said...

hahahahaha megan with bida muaa...

upin said...

the power is just perfect,more than that is just useless to use for daily driving, couldn't imagine it on a heavy traffic with 500hp under the hood.