Sunday, March 28, 2010

Top Fuel lil Monster

Top Fuel has done it again,they have proved a small hatch car can go fast on track, this time they have made a new little monster which can make some big boys car pee in the back of their trunk. Top Fuel new project is the Swift Sport with a 305.5 ps . Yes a 305.5 ps sling shot.

In Fuji speed lap is where most top tuner bring their time attack machine for a time lap. So Top Fuel decided bring their swift.

The result:

Cockpit Tatebayashi skyline ECR33 - 1'55'657
Original Runduce Impreza STI GRB - 1'57'647
FAM SPEED RX7 FD3S - 1'57'890
Aspiration EVO X - 2'00'275
Top Fuel swift -1'57'595

And the list goes on.


7th sign Regime said...

it is nice to see a swift pawn most of the super cars. Another one bite the dust.

smokey said...

yeah another one bite the dust! ( menari atas meja sambil menyanyi! )

nikospsy said...

does anyone know the specs on this car?? they say it has compression ratio from 11:1 -> 10:1 but they say the engine internals are stock. Stock conrods and 370 ps?? isn't it weird??

smokey said...

nikospsy ,its 305.5ps to be exact, and most of the internals are upgraded,will some pictures of the upgraded blocks and some internals parts.

nikospsy said...

now it's upgraded to 378ps with a different turbine... do you have any specs for the engine internals?? I 've seen it in a magazine and they say that the compression ratio is down to 10:1...what is your source??? a website, magazine???

thanks for the info... I own a swift sport too that's why I searched it...

smokey said...

yesterday i was in osaka, so i found this magazine about swift sport,this ain't the hyper rev magazine,its a new one, sadly i didn't bring a lot of money with me. all i know is its using a HKS GT-SS turbo,engine management HKS V PRO, oh yeah for yout info ,i saw in the magazine they already built a M18A block design for the swift sport.

My source is from the magazine and sometime i got info from minato mirai Autobacs.

if i got a new info on the internals will let you know about it.

Do visit BCT forum if you wanna share sometin about your ride and some good stuff about swift please do share.

smokey said...

correction on the Turbo GT-SS, its actually HKS GT-RS.

More Picture on BCT Forum at Top Fuel Swift.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what size the rims are? I can see they are Advans but the concave dish looks huge almost like they are 9j, Just curious as to size and fitment!?