Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Looking for this?

sometime its hard to find aftermarket parts for our kinda rides,well just wanna let you guys and gals know that there are some few stuff at Shh pRo shop shelf,that might make your car happy..or smiling whatever you wanna call it.

Tanabe strut for the honda jazz. For better handling why not?

Lower Spring for Honda civic FD1 ( 1.8 i-vtec ) ,make it look low and better handling than the stock one while driving on corners.

M7 engine oil nothing much to say,there are good and its cheap 2 cans for $80 bucks!share with a freind 40 bucks each then you can save 16 buck. 16 bucks for eating nasi katok definitely terburai nasi tru the nose.

This RSr spring are for the wagon R rarely seen nowdays on the road,but hey if you owned this suzuki wagon R , there is still one left. Price is Bnd$250

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