Sunday, November 1, 2009

Toyota Echo Turbo For sale

2005 Toyota Echo (Black Mica) 1.0 1szfe - Manual (High Spec) - Bought from NBT from new - Single owner (me) - Original Everything - only aftermarket bling-bling wheel cover, Clip-on Exhaust Tip - PIAA HID Lights (Back then it was going for $1.5K!) - HKS Turbo Timer - HKS Turbo Kit installed @ 10,000kms back in 2005 (likely to be the first!).

Dyno proven from 68bhp to 98bhp with SHH Dyno chart available.

Plugs changed at 100,000kms to OWS Iridiums.
Mileage now @ 13x,000kms and running very strong.

Turbo is not noisy and no side play on turbine & compressor section.
- Oil changed religiously every 10,000kms using ONLY Shell Fully Synthetic (no changing of brands, since from previous experience thats how you junk your bearings)

-One Issues:
1) Aircon compressor seems rather weak now as cooling is not so great for Mid-noon heat, but otherwise cool during mornings and later afternoons. As per Denso Lambak Aircon shop, compressor need replacing if u want it to be ice-cold. My wife and i still enjoy driving this car about. Its quick, nippy and handles great! Believe me, we have other cars of 300-400bhp nature and still doesn't drive this good... hehehehehe

After careful evaluation of current prices in the Brunei Market..... 2005 Manual is selling at B$12k

Roadtax and Insurance renewed and good for approx 1 year.
FYI, can still be financed via BIBD At-tamwil for $250 per month on maximum lease term

For just B$2k over current market value, you're getting a complete HKS turbo kit (plug n play), PIAA HID lights and a turbo timer! All worth around $8k when new.

Interested? Call or SMS me at 817 5561

BTW car was built up @ Sen Yeong Enterprise (Ask Allen, he knows it very well)

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