Thursday, October 1, 2009

Toyota Vitz/echo Parts

Here is the Intro Bout Toyota Vitz which is in Brunei we call it The Toyota Echo, engine is a puny 1.0 Litre, But in Japan The Toyota Vitz Has Different Engine there is the puny 1.0 Litre SCP10, the 1.3 NCP15 ,the 1.5 NCP13 which is by the way has the similiar engine with The 1st and 2nd gen Toyota Vios,and others engine i don't remember Seket seket boleh lah.

Anyway enough with That so Let us Start with the Toyota Echo/Vitz Performance parts.

N/A Racing Manifold For SCP10

Bolt On Turbo For Toyota Echo/Vitz SCP10
1. HKS Fcon V-Pro
2.TD04 Turbo
3.Turbo Manifold
4. Top Mount Intercooler
5.INtake Manifold
6.Throttle Body

Some other Parts like injectors,Metal Gasket etc
are not included. Kena bali ali ali ish ish...Pengsan.

SCP10 Radiator and Mounting
Radiator doesn't look shiny,but hey whata heck SCP10 aftermarket radiator are hard to find in Brunei Tuner Shop. The Mounting can Be fitted to NCP engines.( Vitz series )

The Picture Above is showing the Normal and The aftermarket Throttle body for SCP10,its also available for The NCP.

Here is an Air Intake for The NCP engine,Notice why the Long red pipes? Cause most of the NCP older version aftermarket air intake they set the air intake up near the Manifold which is near the i think you know the answer why.

so I guess that about it for Toyota Echo/vitz/Vios parts
will Continue on this topic after i have my indo mie.


Anonymous said...

Where and how a french like me can import a sport headers and an after market throttle for a vitz/echo scp10 ???

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