Sunday, September 20, 2009

CRX V-Tec For sale

Iam Selling my Honda Crx. Spec see below;- Honda Crx model 1990 Black colour Engine Swap From d16a to B16a ECU upgrade to uncut Rev Sard Fuel Regulator 4 ways Nology Cable with Ngk R Spark plug Original Hks Mushroom Filter with Customate Carbon fibre Pipe Piping 2.5" from front, End fitted with Hks Drag Muffler 3" customize tip new absorber and uncut suspension 15" advanti racing rim Headlight and signal light (halo Projector) Havent seen anyone use signal halo in brunei. Rockford Punch component with Prokick amplifier Interior fill with Auto gauge meter, Vacum and Oil Temp Rsm (Rev Speed Meter) R spec Vtec controller Mugen external coil (Can Rev up to 11,000 RPM) New Drive Shaft Left and Right. Flywheel minus 1 Kilo Air Cond still in good condition Fuel consumption, Not bad. $16 Full tank. Renew roadtax last month, Expired 31 July 2010 Reason for Selling: Want to change taste from Racing ride to smart ride. Selling for 5.5k. For Swapper, Let me know spec of your car. Prefer Audi A3 or BMW 3 Series, Other car will be consider Drop me some email or leave a msg if you guys intrested. +6738891123


smokey said...

kira ok sudah tu and murah. ganya aku nada duit hehe karang udah ada duit nda tia ada tu,payah payah tia kan di cari

viozdevil said...

hehe eatahnah mun miatau mesti selalu buat appointment dgn awg matusin hehe c pol ja yng faham ne haha