Monday, December 1, 2008

Tuning for Beginners

Reduce the restrictions from your engine

  1. Normal airfilter are very restrictive as they are meant to last longer and give excelent filtration.
  2. A replacement filter is a step up as its easier to install, lets more air in while still give a good filtration but the air box still have a little restrictions
  3. An open pod gives the less restriction and good filtration which depends on the material used in the filter.

Stock exhaust are design for emission, sound and fuel economy, just by changing to a free flow exhaust power gains could be seen, dont expect to feel anything yet unless you are really senstive to power change

The higher the number the colder the plug and the harder you drive and mods the colder the plugs that you should get.

After all those modifications your original ecu cant compensate for the air to fuel ratio (A/F ratio) and u could be running too rich or too lean. To maximize all the mods use a piggyback to correct the A/F mixture for more power and torque
Our members that followed this step:

The additional valve contol combine with the right A/F mixture gave a good power form ground up

Dont be fooled by the power it produce, althought it only produce 67hp, this 1.0 can stand up to the 1.3 big brother which has a base power of 84hp. There is also an illusive 1.0 which was able to stand up to 1.5cc 110+hp moded 1nz-fe now thats sumthin...


Wanspeed said...

Good simple info,iatah udah tu gunanya brg2 a2.Thanx.Anywayz,tau ku tu,mazda sma echo atu,hehe.

eziely said...

Hehe Nice info :)

Meeting krg 4 slick dvd crew :) jumpa d JP

smokey said...

nicely done! Good info ! We want more!

Back2Stock said...

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smokey said...

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Wanspeed said...

iatah nyangku,mcm ku kanal jua echo a2,hehe.any more upgrades,arah forum postlah.Long-live BCT